I have had the good fortune of touring the site prior to it's opening - see my previous post.  Have also attending lectures by Michael Van Valkenburg, Matthew Urbanski, and spoke with other senior people at MVVAssociates on the making of the Brooklyn Bridge Park.  All of which have added to my understanding of the many layers of design to create this space.  As a native NewYorker with a Brooklyn birthright I am openly and honestly biased, but... still truly believe this will one day be looked upon by future generations with the same or greater admiration and respect that Olmsted and Vaux's Central + Prospect Park has to our generation.

A "homemade" video from MVV on the making of the park.

Second "homemade video" from MVV.


As a resident living in the South Street Seaport of Manhattan I'm just a birdseye view away from the Brooklyn waterfront -- which is also the borough I was born and raised in. I recently took a tour offered by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy of Michael Van Valkenburg Associates grand design for the East River waterfront. Just my humble opinion, but like everything else produced by this firm, it is pure brilliance from the largest brushstrokes down to the smallest details planned. Some photos from my Blackberry Storm of the site...

Believe these are the "river steps"..... salvaged granite from the Roosevelt Island Bridge. This park feature will provide new vistas and tranquil places to sit and take in the breathtaking views of the skyline, bridges and river. The steps will enhance waterfront access and serve as a tiered viewing deck for park visitors.

That's the BQE on the left... a huge berm is to be contructed that diffuses the sound which emanates from that highway.
better images, informations, illustrations, programming, etc can be found through these links..

Park Design images/Bklyn Bridge Park Conservancy
Brooklyn Bridge Park

It is entirely possible that when future generations enjoy Brooklyn Bridge Park, they will regard it with the same devotion as present Manhattanites embrace Olmsted's Central Park!