Neighbors leaves blowing onto my property! 

Leaves are considered a natural product in most counties. Even if the leaves cause damage, like clogging your gutters or pipes, you have no legal claims against the owner of the tree. Additionally, you are responsible for cleaning up any natural products that fall into your yard.

If, however, the tree branches that are shedding the leaves are hanging over your yard, or the tree trunk is encroaching on your property, then you have a right to trim those branches up to the property line.

You could also consider building a fence. Fencing that is built on your side of the property line may help those leaves from blowing over into your yard.


Trees can also pose a danger to homes, people and other property when they become unstable due to age, disease or high winds.  Many people are understandable concerned about the possibility of trees falling during significant storms.  

Attorney, Keith Betensky highlights some of the basic legal concepts surrounding trees, property ownership and damages.