It begins with.. “I need help with landscape design.”

The questions include How do I turn my front garden into an inviting entrance?  What do I plant in a shade garden?  Can I plant grass?  I need help designing a dog friendly yard.  Can a stone garden wall look contemporary?  Do I need to build a retaining wall for a my sloping backyard?  What’s the best way to decorate a garden room? My side garden has no sun, can I still make it a perennial garden bed?  What color do I paint my garden walls and shed?  How do I build a zen garden?  What pavers would you use for a rooftop terrace garden, vertical garden or roof garden?  Can we use modern landscaping ideas for a small garden?  How can I achieve privacy from my neighbors?

The answer to all these questions is to begin with a plan. A garden design plan or a landscape design master plan for your property.

Why a design plan?

Think holistically. Recognize the interconnectedness of indoor space with outdoor space and its possibilities

First you must take inventory of your needs, aspirations and challenges of the site.  Consider your lifestyle, short term plans and long term plans for your family and property. Who are the users of the space and will that change. What about programming? (Will you be entertaining, using it as playspace for kids, installing a pool, kitchen garden, cutting garden and so on…)

Very seldom does a home builder or architect give the same thought and consideration to the outdoor home surroundings than they do to the interior of the home.  We enter a home the moment we set foot on the property, and not when we cross the threshold into the residence.

Residential landscape design is not foundation planting, it is not merely beautification with pretty plants, it is the integration of house and site, custom designed for you.