As part of a small group from Columbia University and the Riverside Oval Association we received a grant from the NYC Department of Parks to rehabilitate an underused park in upper Manhattan. Our plan included temporary installations and permanent upgrades. 

Payan Park sits within the Audubon historic district and was formerly part of the estate of noted 19th century naturalist and painter James Audubon.  To establish a sense of place and history, an installation of Audubon’s paintings of birds were printed,“framed”, covered with weatherproofing and hung from the branches of trees, suggesting Payan Park as an aviary.  To acknowledge the cultural heritage of the present day neighborhood and the park’s namesake Ilka Payan, a Dominican inspired mural was created on the ground plane. Review boards were mounted and displayed throughout the small park showcasing designs for the park, and culturally significant information about Ilka Payan and James Audubon. Volunteers and students were organized to repaint benches and new planting plans were created.