"ON A WHIM", a conceptual garden 

This garden is based on the idea of the classic 15-Puzzle, with twenty-four movable panels, and one blank, sliding along a grid within a fixed frame.  Each panel consists of a single common garden design element: berm, deck, gravel, shrub, stone, tree, turf, and water.  Multiple panels of the same element present an opportunity to periodically rearrange the garden to satisfy the whim of the garden visitor, offering an almost infinite number of configurations of garden designs.

The surrounding frame recalls the relationship between the natural and the designed found in every garden.  With a formal bosque or irregular forest in each corner, the spaces between are filled with the imposed lawn and paved area or the natural meadow and pool of water.

Five classic garden styles are illustrated:  a French Garden, a Picturesque Landscape, an Asian Garden, a Gardino Secreto, and a Hortus Conclusus.  The garden visitor can transform the garden from one to another, or may create their own design by sliding the elements along the grid much like one shifts the tiles of a 15-Puzzle.