Thanks to a wonderful client of ours in Brooklyn, NYC, Todd Haiman Landscape Design envisioned a sustainable solution to their problematic residential driveway in the midst of redesigning the entire property.  We were awarded the prestigious James Rose award (sponsored by ASLA, Garden Design Magazine and Rutgers University) for applying creative sustainable solutions to this common urban challenge.

The existing asphalt was cracking, pot-holed, consistently failing and flooding during rainstorms. As per local ordinances we could not repave + re-pitch the driveway to direct stormwater into the street. As we were demolishing the pressure treated wood deck in the rear, we chose to create a pea gravel driveway with secured wood boards from the demolished deck (which would then allow the stormwater to percolate down). The broken up asphalt driveway was then used to provide fill for the newly designed above grade stone deck. Only the pea gravel was trucked in, since we used material on-site to produce this. Best of all, the client reaped a tremendous cost savings through this solution!