A landscape designer in New York City is grateful to have a new client.  

The job of designing a brownstone garden, designing a townhouse garden, designing a residential garden is a process.

It takes a given amount of time to design a landscape.. from creating a relationship and understanding your clients needs, aspirations and challenges, surveying the site, creating a preliminary plan, revising to a final plan, identifying, estimating and procuring contractors, supplies, plants, to finally building a landscape. It all takes a given amount of time to design and build this landscape.  For many potential clients they begin to think of their landscape as spring approaches.  

Most landscape designers in NYC recommend Fall as the best time to hire a landscape designer. 

Both the client and designer have the opportunity to truly study the existing situation so they may move forward toward Spring with a detailed and comprehensive landscape design plan. This also allows ample time to plan and line up contractors when they are not busy, rather then wait to the Spring rush.