Kew Gardens


If you're interested in garden design, consider the illicit pastime of stealing seeds.

I have marigolds from Kew Gardens, wisteria from Dumbarton Oaks.  Two days ago, I was at Wave Hill, in front of a border where I saw a spent flower head that dried up, fallen to the ground with a capsule of seeds. My daughter watched me look left, then right.  No one was watching (nor there to ask) so I bent down and nonchalantly picked it up and put it in my pocket


Years ago I wanted to taste a pawpaw fruit (Assimina triloba).  I read it was one of the largest fruit in North America, the fruit was custardy, tasted like a pear/apple/banana, somewhat tropical. Early in the year I noticed a couple of these trees at a public botanical garden and planned to return later in the year after the plant had fruited.  I arrived a little later than I had planned and found a couple of these pawpaw fruit had fallen to the ground.  At that point I figured (or rationalized) it was either me or the rodents that are eating this.  “Survival of the fittest” set in.

At the risk of being ostracized by my peers, I ask how other gardeners or plant geeks act in these situations. Have YOU been guilty of these temptations?

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