There are many essential and critical factors to consider when designing a garden prior to choosing your plant selection.

Residential garden design plan for Brooklyn garden

Most people need help with their exterior landscaping.  They need suggestions transforming garden ideas for their small backyard garden or large suburban landscape. Before you decide on a zen garden design, rooftop terrace, English garden design or contemporary landscape design, we recommend you consider these essential questions that professionals typically review before moving forward designing a landscape plan.

1.    What are my needs and aspirations for this garden?

2.    Who are the users of this garden?

3.   What activities will I “host” in my frontyard garden, backyard garden or residential landscape?

4.    What is the level of maintenance I can manage or employ others to perform?

5.    What USDA hardiness Zone is your site in?

6.    What are the sunlight levels? Full sun, partial sun or filtered light, part shade, full shade on my property?

7.    What are the soil factors I need to understand? Drainage characteristics, ph levels, texture, compaction level, soil toxicity, evidence of recent construction or soil layer disturbance, erosion level.

8.    Are there above ground stuctural factors I need to be concerned with for my exterior landscape? Proximity to surrounding buildings or structures, overhead wire height, utilities.  Are there limitations to below-ground space?

9.    Do I have a budget and is it realistic? 

10. Can I phase the construction of my garden?

There are many more questions to ask before moving forward on a garden design plan. Answering these questions yourself or with your partner(s) may help with landscape design, inform you to what you are comfortable with and what is beyond your scope. 

It may benefit you to consult with a garden designer or landscape designer and see if working with a professional is the direction that best fits you.

**All b/w illustrations ©Residential Landscape Architecture, design process for the Private Residence by Booth/Hiss. Color illustration ©Todd Haiman Landscape Design 2016